Transformational Learning

Noble hearts. Infinite minds. Able hands.

Posted in Transformational Learning on May 14, 2018

6 simple words full of heart felt meaning. In essence, these words sum up what we are equipping our students with. We are all unique, valuable beyond measure and called to purpose. At Hunter Christian School, we are here to empower every child to live life in all of its fullness, with the capacity and purpose to transform their world into a better place. We do this through the four pillars of our Transformative Learning Model. read more ...

Becoming People of Worth and Honour

Posted in Transformational Learning on Apr 05, 2018

Becoming People of Worth and Honour in a Non-Binary World Recently I saw a YouTube clip of a fictional prosecution barrister arguing a strong case against the schooling system (see the clip here). The clip is just one voice in a growing international chorus of educators demanding a radical overhaul of western schooling systems, claiming the system is harmful to children. The education system we have today is the result of the needs of the Industrial Revolution. The movement towards national standardised assessment, school league tables, minimum standards, and teacher performance based pay al... read more ...

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