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Year 8 Camp 2018

Posted in Secondary School on Mar 12, 2018

Year 8 Camp 2018


Year 8 Camp opens up the world of camping and outdoor exploration to our students and this Year 8 LOVED it. They learnt; which direction to bang a peg into the ground, how to make a shelter that will survive wind and rain, how to cook pizza pockets on an open fire, and the joys of combining having a swim with showering. Students also excelled in mountain biking, canoeing, white-water rafting and various high rope challenges.

“This was one of my favourite camps I’ve ever been to. It was so fun! My favourite thing we did was white-water rafting. I wish we could have gone a little further but a log was in the way!” Briony

“My favourite thing would have to be mountain bike riding- especially the pump and downhill track.” Tom

“My favourite part of camp was when we tried to make the campfire pizzas and it started raining so we started doing them on the oven but a couple of kids wouldn't give up on the fire.” Brianna

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