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Year 7 Camp 2018 – Broken Bay Sport and Recreation Centre

Posted in Secondary School on Mar 11, 2018

Year 7 Camp 2018


‘Your students are delightful. It’s so encouraging to see such friendly Year 7 students and we have been so impressed at how they have looked out for and been helpful to our Primary students’- said a teacher from a different school with whom we shared our campsite. We agree completely!

The focus of the Year 7 Camp is to grow relationally, improve movement skills and further develop thinking. Our time away from the School provides the students with guided opportunities to form a support network of close friends that they will hopefully maintain for the rest of their lives. As a staff, we created a program that targeted our main well-being outcomes: resilience, self-confidence and peer support. Here is what some students wrote about aspects of the camp experience, which stood out for them.

Sara-Jayne: “Year 7’s time at Broken Bay was amazing! We all came away with some fabulous memories and experiences. There were many really fun activities which taught us to work together as a team. There were other activities like raft building which also brought out confidence in people. I know that Year 7 really enjoyed the facilities at Broken Bay, like the basketball court and obstacle course. We all had a great time and we thank the staff at Broken Bay for their amazing hospitality.”

Victoria: "The best part of Year 7 Camp was the 'cook-out'. We had to work as a team to make a fire to cook our lunch and then organise ourselves to cook the sausages, pasta and garlic bread - it was tricky but good. Our garlic bread was a little burnt- but no one got sick!"

Each evening we scheduled a series of activities and small group debriefs so we could take stock of our day and see what we took out of it.

Overall, it was a thoroughly enjoyable and rewarding experience, through all types of weather - the rain, wind and sunshine. It was a privilege for staff to spend time with this exceptional group of young people.

Mr Tyrie, Mr Monk, Chappo and Ms Sneddon

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