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Vision Showcase Reflections - One Year Milestones

Posted in News on Nov 10, 2019

Just over a year ago, we held our very first Vision Showcase. The new School Leadership Team introduced a renewed vision for the School and set out strategic priorities along this path for the year ahead. This year’s Vision Showcase gave an opportunity to highlight some of the achievements in this time.

We launched a simplified version of our School Values that every student can understand and recall

• Honour Christ • Learn without limits • Unite in community • Serve selflessly • Live courageously.






In what staff dubbed as the “Year of the Audit”, the date for several routine checks by state and federal government departments fell due by chance together. This made for a high level of scrutiny of all our policies, procedures, vocational training, special needs funding, financial records and child safety measures. The immense work of our staff was rewarded by passing each check with flying colours, receiving praise and even being used as an example to other schools.

We met our strategic goal of developing our P-12 educational strategy, which was on display at Vision Showcase where we articulated a uniquely personalised, flexible, practical and caring approach to student learning. This approach is structured through a Blended Learning Model.

Following our review of our approach to technology, we implemented online learning platforms, like Canvas, and cyber safety tools across the school. We also began a 3 year roll out of common devices for students and staff alike from years 5-12.

Based on your feedback we are accelerating the issuing of digital devices to include additional year groups sooner so that in 2020, Years 3 and 4 students will have 1-to-1 access to a device at School and every student Years 5 to 11 will have the same school digital learning device issued to them for consistency and ease.

We launched and now have several students studying under our Flexible Education Packaging program. One tweak we’ll be making is to start referring to these arrangements as Customised Education Packages.

Our scholarship program was launched and provides opportunities for capable students to excel, who may otherwise miss out. HCS Scholars enrich our school community with a broader range of backgrounds and capabilities to inspire and inform our students.

A unique feature of our scholarship program is the required Attributes of a HCS Scholar that encourage participants to develop and use their gifts for a higher purpose with a selfless desire to make a positive difference.

We celebrated the early acceptances and scholarship offerings received by the class of 2018 into a range of courses including Law. This same trend continued with the class of 2020 with both our Captains, for example, receiving early entries and scholarships offers.

Our students represented the school at various state, national and international events including the United Nations Youth Ambassadors Forum in Europe.

Our FUEL Program for academic enrichment competed in the DaVinci Decathlon Code Breaking and Engineering Challenges, engaging in TEDx lessons and a range of higher order collaborative and independent tasks such as analysing the role of family of origin in decision making and exploring solutions to the Stockton Beach erosion.

In standardised testing such as NAPLAN and PAT screening our students made large gains in improvement, greater than the expected growth for their age group.

Various awards and high distinctions in competitions were won by our students such as the ‘Inspiring student’ award from the Australian Mathematics Trust. In some instances, awards personally presented by dignitaries such as the Governor General and Members of Federal Parliament.

While the last 12 months have seen us make significant progress towards our vision, our work is ongoing with long term planning and investment. Plans for the next 12 months were also announced at Vision Showcase. Keep tuned for the next Blog Post covering these.

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