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Stage 3 - Market Day

Posted in News on Nov 09, 2016

Stage 3 Market Day

Last term, Stage 3 held a Market Day. Fun games and food items were sold for 50c and 20c to Stage 2 students.

It was a hot day, so the kids threw water balloons and bought cool drinks to raise money for the Kiva foundation. The Stage 3 students had spent the week creating awesome games such as Nerf gun challenges, and moustache drawing, plus they sold treats like cupcakes and ice-cream spiders. One of the teachers from Stage 3 (Mrs Hawgood) believes that the best thing was seeing the enthusiasm and creativity of the Stage 3 kids.

At the end of the day the prizes for the games and competitions were handed out, bringing joy to the kids, whether they received a chocolate or a jar of jellybeans. It was great! In conclusion, it was a great last day of term and could not have been better. We raised $580 which has been used to fund a microfinance loan through in Samoa. - Coco Tindall

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