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The Senior Art Excursion to Maitland and Newcastle Galleries

Posted in Secondary School on Mar 06, 2017

The Senior Art Excursion to Maitland and Newcastle Art Galleries was full of colour and exploration in Composition. Wendy Stokes’ exhibition is a statement on the underlying currents between abstraction and landscape – it proved to be the most popular at Maitland. Additionally, the “WOOF WOOF” interactive exhibition for people with disabilities was a fun exploratory journey of the senses. However, it was the two exhibitions in Newcastle that proved most fruitful for our Year Twelves. John Olsen’s colourful, suggestive abstract work interacted on an unconscious level with his paintings’ energetic spark. While this exhibition was a mixture of pottery, sketching and large scale paintings, the opportunity to see the chronological order was an amazing chance to view an artists’ practice grow and expand over the decades. The wildlife exhibition was also lovely and strangely haunting on many levels. Overall it was a wonderful experience!
Hannah Allen – Year 12

Years 11 and 12 went on an excursion to the Maitland Art Gallery during week 3. While we were there, we learnt about the techniques, colours and purpose of various artworks. It was really cool to learn about artists’ different ideas. Some of the artworks were based on life today compared to life in the past. Some were not just photos or paintings, but 3D as well.
Indianna Henderson Year 11.


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