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Pioneering Ahead - Year 10 Camp at Lake Keepit

Posted in Secondary School on Mar 18, 2019

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Year 10 pioneered our leadership-focused camp at Lake Keepit this year. There were a number of team-based tasks that students were challenged to complete. Some of the activities included students building a bridge, setting up a bivouac, cooking meals, and constructing a 60-metre flying fox. Students also participated in some rock climbing activities. Each of the tasks might seem simple in themselves, but when worked on by a large team, some of the challenges of working with other people became apparent.

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At night around the campfire, we were able to review some of the scenarios of the day and discuss what we noticed about ourselves, and our own leadership skills, when we were under pressure. Most of the trip highlights came from the “little moments”. Many of the big tasks set were achieved and that was positive, but each student’s recognition of their place in the Year 10 team and their interactions with each other, was really significant!

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What some students said…

"Giant swing, food and canoeing were great. I got to talk to people I don't normally at school. I had new experiences that I would have never done and learnt many new things". (Natalie)

"Amazing experience, really good to get to know everyone on a deeper level and some great leadership stuff". (Sally)

"Camp was pretty good, a lot of what I didn't expect, wasn't easy, we were pushed and we certainly learnt a lot". (Adam)

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