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Kupa’s Dream for a Better World

Posted in Students on May 07, 2019

Kupakwashe Matangira, a Year 12 student leader here at Hunter Christian School, has long dreamt about helping to right the world’s injustices. She has written her story, relating how she raises money to finance a scholarship program for girls in Zimbabwe, for a recent edition of teen magazine, bella rae.

bella-rae-cover 1.jpg

*Republished with permission from "bella rae" magazine

After deciding to raise money for the program, Kupa began to design and create notebooks to sell for her social enterprise called “Kupa for a Better World”. She uses money she earns from her part-time job to buy the materials and assembles the notebooks in between her Year 12 studies.

Kupa has travelled widely around the world in her capacity as an Australian Young Diplomat and a Youth Ambassador for Save the Children. She believes whole-heartedly that education is the key to restoring justice and advocating for peace. Her own education, which began at Hunter Christian School when she was in Year 1, has given her the chance to “chase after my dreams, challenge accepted norms and formulate my own opinions.”

Congratulations Kupa, for your selfless enterprise! You can read more of Kupa’s story by clicking on the link below or reading the magazine in the School Library. You can also click on the link to her social enterprise, “Kupa for a Better World”.

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*Republished with permission from "bella rae" magazine

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