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Junior Parliament

Posted in News on Nov 09, 2016

Junior Parliament

During the October break, Kupakwashe Matangira attended the NSW YMCA Junior Parliament conference. Junior Parliament is an apolitical program that introduces young people to the legal and parliamentary process of NSW and empowers them to be advocates for their community. Each student forms a part of a specific team. Kupa formed part of the Women’s Affairs Committee. – Miss MacMaster Here is a summary of Kupa’s time there in her own words: “Even though I came to Junior Parliament two days into the program, I still felt as though I belonged on my Women's Affairs Committee. Throughout the week at Junior Parliament we debated several policies from different industries, wrote a number of speeches and then did even more debating!

Being a part of the Women's Affairs Committee meant that I proposed new policies regarding domestic violence and assault. The central element of it all was the treatment of women in society, especially regarding survivors of domestic violence.

The solution followed three phases: The first phase was to fully personalise domestic violence cases so that the news would only broadcast the location of where the events took place and the age of the victim/survivors. The second phase was regarding how women are represented in the media and how it must be unbiased. The last phase - which I spoke on - was on educating our future generations on what violence is and why it cannot be tolerated.

After writing speeches we debated our new policies in front of actual Members of the NSW Parliament in the chamber for hours at a time. Though it was both physically and mentally exhausting, we all believed in what we spoke about and we were all passionate about our ideas.

I don't think I will ever forget my time at Junior Parliament. I met some wonderful people and learned so much about our State’s Parliamentary System and how advocacy relates to it.”


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