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Hunter Christian School Pre-Kinder – Preparing our younger generations for the journeys of tomorrow

Posted in News on Dec 11, 2017

Developing and nurturing a child’s confidence and self-belief is an empowering and rewarding journey. From their first breath, to their first step, these early years establish the foundations from which our children develop into strong, confident and independent human beings.

Having a supportive and like-minded network of families and friends to help nurture these qualities during a child’s first few years is a rare and wonderful gift; and something the Hunter Christian School’s Pre-Kinder community strives to uphold.

Hunter Christian School’s Pre-Kinder is a fun, caring and supportive environment, run by qualified Early Childhood educators with strong Christian values and beliefs. We provide a safe and supportive environment where your children are given the freedom to explore and nurture their individuality and self-belief. A collaborative environment where they can interact with and develop the tools, knowledge and precious friendships that they can bring with them on their journey through to Kindergarten. Our Pre-Kinder facilities are also located on the Campus of Hunter Christian School, providing them with familiarity and a gentle introduction to a more formal education in Kindergarten.

Our Pre-Kinder Community

Hunter Christian School’s Pre-Kinder is more than just a pre-school program. We are a community of families, friends, neighbours, mothers, fathers, brothers and sisters, grandparents and caregivers. We support each other guided by our Christian values and unwavering faith in God.

It is no surprise that the first day is always the hardest - for parents and children alike! We understand that this is both an exciting and nerve racking transition for you and your child and our empathetic learning methods allow us to tailor our approach to suit your child’s individual needs.

Some children will jump right in and settle with ease, and others will need a tender word of encouragement and time to establish trusting relationships with teachers and other children. Although each child’s journey begins at a different point, our united approach and emphasis on collaboration ensures we work together, creating a positive and memorable journey for all our families.

A play-based learning program built on the elements of belonging, being and becoming

We support your children’s social development, guiding their interactions with one another to build caring, trusting and respectful relationships. We provide learning experiences that keep your child engaged and stimulated, including arts and crafts, unconstructive play and various other activities, as well as heading outdoors where the children get to explore the wonders of nature. Our daily teacher guided group times encourage the children to work together and collaborate as a whole class to participate in planned, purposeful learning experiences. We promote learning as something to enjoy, where children want to participate and engage because it is fun and interesting. Music, literacy/language, maths concepts and science are just some of the programs included in this special time.

Our Pre-Kinder does not only operate within the classroom facility, but extends further to involve our wider school community. Children love that they get to visit the school library once a week and participate in special school events. During Term 4 this involvement is further heightened as we begin to transition towards Kindergarten with Orientation days and chapel included in our program. As your child’s journey with us concludes, we celebrate in the knowledge that they will leave Pre-Kinder a more capable and confident child, well equipped with skills and knowledge to embrace their transition to Kindergarten with enthusiasm and ease.

Enquiries regarding the Pre Kinder class are welcome all year round. We would love to show you through the facility and meet our wonderful staff and students.

For more information or to book your tour, please contact the school.

Email: [email protected]

Phone: (02) 4967 2111 ext 1

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