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Get to Know the Principal - Malcolm East

Posted in News, Teachers/Staff on Feb 22, 2018

Transformational, visionary, collaborative and creative, Mal passionately believes that every child should leave school knowing who they were born to be, equipped with the capacity and purpose to transform their world for the better.

Mal began his career as a popular History teacher who never imagined doing anything else. Now, over twenty years later, Mal said that he is amazed that he has been blessed with a career that has allowed him to teach from Kindergarten to Year 12, speak at conferences, be invited on international school tours, work alongside former students as peers, support students and families in all kinds of situations, run camps and lead chapels.

Mal brings to the profession an engaging capacity to drive educational change by providing opportunities, inspiring possibilities and nurturing every child. He pursues a vision and seeks strategic partners to bring purpose, wellbeing, servant leadership, a sense of community, excellence and innovation to schooling. Mal comments that he is eager to work with parents to help students develop into Women of Worth and Men of Honour.

An inaugural graduate of the AIS and UNSW Flagship Program, Mal has a long history and broad experience in educational leadership in a variety of schools. Some of his prior roles have included Deputy Principal, Head of Secondary, Head of Junior School (K-4), Director of Teaching and Learning, ICT Integrator and Boys Education Coordinator. The roles he has held has allowed him to work in a variety of settings such as with gifted students, in mental health teams, HSC marking, supporting teenage parents and collaborating with pre-school educators.

Mal has said that he loves his ministry and feels very much at home at Hunter Christian School. A self-confessed geek, nature lover and pet collector, Mal spends his time away from school watching Sci-Fi with his own kids, collecting indoor plants, hanging out with his cats and gasping for breath while playing for his church soccer club.

If you haven't already, drop into the office to welcome Mal to his new role as Principal for 2018 and beyond.

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