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Celeste combines work and school

Posted in Secondary School on Feb 06, 2019

Have you ever wondered how your child could step into a career, while finishing formal schooling? Completing a SBAT is the answer! A School Based Apprenticeships & Traineeships (SBAT) combines paid work, training and school; it is industry recognised and gains credit towards the HSC.

Year 10 student, Celeste Leishman, has successfully started this process this year with Wig Boudoir, a hair salon located in Georgetown and judging by the smiles in the photo, the SBAT is winning all round! Peter, her boss, is excited to have Celeste as a member of his staff and describes her as a “smart, bright and bubbly personality that my patrons LOVE”.


From a school perspective, this type of apprenticeship is a win-win situation, as it means Celeste can continue her education here at Hunter Christian School, while pursuing training in an area she loves. Mr Paul Monk (VET coordinator) sees these types of apprenticeships as being the way ahead in crossing the divide between industry and education.

IMG_3911 (002).jpg.png

As a school community, we cheer Celeste on and look forward to the possibility of other students partnering with businesses in this way.

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