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2018 Principal Announcement

Posted in News on Sep 07, 2017

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Many of you will know that the Hunter Christian School Board has recently advertised for a Principal to lead our school. I am excited to announce that the Board has made a decision on the leadership of the school.

The Board received a number of strong applications from around Australia. After shortlisting candidates, seeking feedback from external consultants and two rounds of interviews, the Board found it could not go past the two great Godly leaders who are already serving in our school community – John Rolland and Malcolm East. Both John and Malcolm bring their leadership and respective giftings to the school and they have worked well together this year. John is a considered and wise leader who understands the culture and distinctive of our Christ-centered school community. Malcolm brings vision and new thinking. Both men understand the importance of the values of Hunter Christian School.

Throughout the process of deciding the best person to lead our school, the Board felt strongly that, not only do John and Malcolm complement each other in their strengths and gifts, they were highly effective as a team and have great mutual respect for each other. We wanted them both to have leadership roles in the next season of HCS.

It is our unanimous decision as a Board that Malcolm East be appointed Principal and John Rolland as Associate Principal from January 2018.

As the terms Principal / Deputy Principal have particular and varied meanings in different contexts, we have intentionally used the terms Principal and Associate Principal to recognise the collaborative team structure of the leadership model adopted. In this new leadership structure, John will continue to have responsibility for the Primary department.

Prior to his 10 years here at Hunter Christian School, John has over 27 years of executive leadership positions in a range of K-12 Christian schools as well as public schools. While new to Hunter Christian School, Malcolm brings over 24 years of experience from teaching Kindergarten to Year 12 in addition to a range of educational leadership roles such as Acting Principal, Deputy Principal, Director of Teaching and Learning, Head of Junior School (K-4), Head of Faculty and as a member of various executive leadership teams.

Both John and Malcolm will remain in their current roles until the end of the year, and they will work together to develop a plan for the future in the coming months. Please join me in congratulating them.

The HCS Board look forward to working with Malcolm and John as a team.

Sam Wong, Board Chair - Hunter Christian School

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