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Pre-enrolment Experience Tours
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(Tours & Orientation Days)

Please use the Enrolment Enquiry Form to make initial contact (including during term break). We will make contact with you by email to make arrangements for Interviews and Tours.

Ideally, we know that the best way to get to know us is to visit us. We invite all families considering Hunter Christian School to join us for a personalised tour of our school; where you can meet us, experience our facilities and see if we are the right fit for your family.

We generally can provide a range of experience options to suit your needs. Please contact us to enquire about latest information on our Orientation / Experience Days for students considering commencing in 2023 - 2024.


Our personalised tours are the best way for your family to experience our school’s facilities and focus on the areas that are of particular interest to your child.

  • Tailor the experience relevant to your child’s personal interests
  • Experience firsthand the culture of our school community
  • Meet some of our teachers and students
  • Look around our facilities
  • View lessons in progress
  • Ask any questions you may have in a private setting
  • Personalised tours are organised for a time that suits your family and work life. However our aim is to present the School Community to you during school hours.

    Click here to request a Personalised Tour


    Please discuss the possibility for an Experience Day to happen with our Family Engagement Team, who will make the arrangements for you. Generally we suggest that this does not happen until after you have had an interview and a tour of the school, as a family. Click here to request a Personalised Tour

    We aim to provide a time for the students to spend at the school, in class, so that they have an opportunity to get acquainted & feel familiar in the settings and culture here.

    [email protected] OR 02-4967 2111


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