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Stage 2 Students Go Back in Time!

Posted in Primary School on Sep 26, 2018


As part of a History unit on British Colonisation, Hunter Christian School Stage 2 students visited various historical sites in Sydney – this made our learning come to life! The Hyde Park Barracks allowed us to see where convict men were housed and there we learnt about the convicts’ daily lives. Some students even got to experience wearing leg irons!

After a picnic lunch in Hyde Park, we went on a Walking Tour around the Rocks area. This was a fascinating stroll through laneways, courtyards and streets where our guides explained what this area was like in early Colonial Sydney and how traditional Aboriginal life was affected by the European settlers. Our students were all given costumes to wear as we walked - these included soldiers, marines, free settlers and convicts. Tourists in the area enjoyed taking photos of us!

The “Colonial experience” was a great way to finish our unit.

collage stage2.JPG

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