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Multicultural Day

Posted in Primary School on Sep 27, 2018


Stage 2 students have been learning about persuasive texts in English. Bethany Wong decided to write a persuasive letter to both Mr East and Mr Rolland outlining the reasons why we should hold a Multicultural Week at Hunter Christian School. As a result our Multicultural Day was born! Thank you Bethany for inspiring such a fantastic event!

See below for Bethany’s letter.

*Dear Mr Rolland and Mr East


I have an idea which I would like to present to you for you to consider. I think this idea would make our school an even better place. I would like you to permit us to have a Multicultural Day where we would learn about different countries and their cultures. On the Friday everyone will come wearing a traditional outfit from the country of their choice and we will have a parade. We can bring things from our culture to show our class. Here are my reasons why I think it would be a great thing for our school. Firstly, this would be nice because it would mean we could get to know everyone else better which would lead to people having more friends. It would also teach us about many different countries (yay more geography!) Just think for a second - it would help us in High School and in the future. Giving us a taste of traditions would help us learn about languages! Secondly, I have always found people to be interested in knowing more about my family’s culture which is Chinese. In term one I brought in a traditional Chinese outfit I knew Mrs Pilgrim and my class would love to see me in. I also brought in things to show my class about Chinese New Year. The Primary school would love it if you let us have an out of uniform day if we had clothes from another culture.


In conclusion, we would be very grateful if you (our awesome principals) would permit us to have this day full of fun and learning sometime this year.

Sincerely Bethany Wong*


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