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Claire Sansom - HCS Alumni

Posted in HCS Stories, Alumni on Jan 10, 2017

What do you love about HCS?

One word: community. I love that from day one you are a part of the family. 

Describe one of your favourite teachers and tell why he/she was a favourite. How have they deeply impacted your faith, education or personal growth?

Mr Budge, Mrs Creed and Mrs Watts really contributed to a holistic education for me. Not only did they teach us course content; they taught us how to learn and balance study and life (particularly in senior years when this becomes crucial). Of course, this always came from a Christian worldview. The sharing of their faith naturally impacted my own spiritual walk.

One of the HCS taglines is “What if every child left school knowing who they are meant to be?” How do you think HCS helped you discover this or put you on the path to discovery?

I left Hunter Christian School empowered with the perspective that I could certainly achieve whatever it is I set out to do but that would also take discipline and hard work. I think this is a truly valuable thing to understand particularly in a society that is so very 'rights' oriented. What a child is meant to be is not only an occupation but a person as a whole. The affirmations and guidance I received from teachers helped me to understand how God wants me to live my life.

How do you feel that HCS prepared you for further education, work and life?

In my first interview, Mrs Watts said something to the effect of "Everything does not rise and fall on grades. If a student puts in their best effort and gets 100% that's great. If a student puts in their best effort and gets 50% then that's great too." This is something that is demonstrated in the way the teachers encouraged my classmates and myself regardless of performance. This lead to the life objective: education, work and life in general put in your best effort with grace (toward self and others) and humility.

What would you say to a student considering joining HCS?

Have your goals ready because HCS will go above and beyond to help you achieve them. What opportunities did you experience at HCS that you don’t think you would have gotten to experience anywhere else? One of the main opportunities was small classes and teachers being very approachable. We have our own school email to contact teachers. This is not a dormant resource. It was so easy to just shoot off an email if we needed anything of our teachers and they would reply pretty quickly.

In what ways have you grown in your faith as a result of your experience at HCS?

HCS helped me in my faith by providing stability. I always felt I could go to teachers for wisdom and guidance. I definitely felt that each of my teachers became a mentor and a role model. In the time I attended HCS I felt that I learned how to live the life of a Christian not just have a set of philosophies.

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