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Vision Showcase Announcements – Journeying Together into 2020

Posted in News on Nov 18, 2019

A number of announcements were made at this year’s Vision Showcase including strategic priorities for the coming year. read more ...

Sculpture By the Sea Exhibition

Posted in Secondary School on Nov 12, 2019

Year 9/10/11 Visual Arts classes attended the Sculpture By The Sea exhibition read more ...

Vision Showcase Reflections - One Year Milestones

Posted in News on Nov 11, 2019

Just over a year ago, we held our very first Vision Showcase. The new School Leadership Team introduced a renewed vision for the School and set out strategic priorities along this path for the year ahead. This year’s Vision Showcase gave an opportunity to highlight some of the achievements in this time. read more ...

Hunter Christian School Mountain Bike Team News

Posted in News on Sep 02, 2019

The Rocky Trail Entertainment Shimano Grand Prix Series wraps up for 2019 - After travelling around the state for five events spread across half a year, the students, staff and parents from the Hunter Schools’ Mountain Bike Team (MTB), have just concluded the Rocky Trail Entertainment Shimano Grand Prix (GP) series! read more ...

Problem Based Learning

Posted in Secondary School on May 14, 2019

Mrs Ponsen and Mr East have begun the year with the challenge of teaching a course with no set content! They have been meeting together to dream up unique and complex problems for their students to grapple with and learn from. read more ...


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