Mr Simon Herd, commenced as Executive Principal on 30th May 2022.

Our Board Chair, Ben Morris, met with our new Principal for a Q&A.

We Believe That

  • God made everything and He desires a relationship with every person
  • The Bible is the ultimate authority that defines our beliefs and governs our behaviour
  • God’s Salvation comes only through faith in Jesus Christ, and we are compelled to share this with others
  • In God’s Love & Compassion and that there is not one person who does not matter to God. So we will seek, where we can, to be godly through practical support and assistance to those in need.
  • The Local Church is an expression of genuine community where love is for ‘one another’, just as Jesus has loved us


Our vision is to partner with Christian families and the Church to equip and empower children to attain their full potential in Christ, within a loving, serving, caring school community.


Together we honour Christ, learn without limits, unite in community, serve selflessly and strive to live courageously.

Our approach to learning

Every child holds infinite potential and with the right support, modelling, knowledge and skills they can believe in their own potential and strive toward achieving it. It is through experience, connection and community that we learn most about ourselves. At Hunter Christian School we provide those opportunities and through our Transformative Learning approach, we teach our students to honour God, themselves and others.

Purpose and wellbeing

When children are encouraged to live courageously, they develop the strength and resilience to live authentically and let their individual gifts shine. This translates into openness, self-awareness and an innate understanding of personal value.

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Excellence and innovation

To pursue excellence is to consistently strive to be the best you can be. By continually applying themselves and embracing curiosity, children develop the skills to think deeper and use ingenuity. They learn to nurture their thirst for knowledge and the value of self- management, which are key attributes in forming an entrepreneurial mindset.

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Servant leadership

Children learn by what they see and experience. By modelling Christ-like qualities and encouraging them to engage in servant leadership, we help them build their own social awareness and encourage them to think beyond themselves.

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Sense of community

Children develop a deep-set appreciation for the power of communication, teamwork and unification, when working together in a hands-on learning environment. It’s our response to the love of God that drives us to lift up and encourage each other to achieve greatness for our world.

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Our Heritage

Founded as a ministry of Mayfield Baptist Church, our school first opened with Primary classes in 1981 and was one of the first Christian schools in the Hunter Region. Hunter Christian School began when members of Mayfield Baptist Church recognised the need for an educational facility that would teach students from a Christian worldview perspective and produce an inclusive, friendly community for school families.

In 1983, the Secondary department began with our first Year 7 students. Classes met across the road from the school in the home of a member of Mayfield Baptist Church.

Additional Secondary school classes began each year until our first group of Higher School Certificate students completed their secondary education in 1988.

The Prep program for four year old children began in 2009 with a fully-resourced classroom and custom-built playground installed exclusively for prep students to develop their gross motor skills. In 2015 after the Prep closed, the School began a Pre-Kinder class which achieves the intentional purpose of preparing students to transition to our Kindergarten.

In 2021, we celebrated 40 years of investment into the lives of many students, their families and the community.

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